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Risk Engineering

At its core, risk engineering is a holistic and comprehensive strategy for managing risks before, during and after their occurrence with the aim of minimising their potential to damage a business, its people, and assets.

No two companies have the same risk profile, so risk engineering typically starts with an on-site risk assessment. Once the risk has been calculated and evaluated, these data provide vital information for underwriters to craft bespoke policies needed to mitigate the possible outcomes of company-specific hazards.

How risk engineering provides further value is as a method to identify practical measures companies can implement themselves to proactively reduce the threats they face, both in frequency and severity, before they happen. Because when it comes to risk, prevention is better than cure.

Who needs Risk Engineering?

For most businesses, avoiding risk is simply not an option. And as the global stage has shifted so that climate change, sustainability and cybersecurity are now firmly positioned in the limelight, companies face an ever-wider variety of risk challenges, placing pressure on businesses and insurers alike.

However, by building a corporate risk management strategy that includes risk engineering, these challenges come with opportunity. With a pre-emptive rather than reactive approach to risk, companies not only save time, money, hassle, and stress in operating their business, but are able to take bold action to thrive and develop to the next level while knowing they are protected.

Enabling enterprises to minimise damage and avoid significant losses, risk engineering also reduces the incidence and severity of insurance claims. This provides insured businesses further protection in defending insurance providers’ financial capability, so they are able to support their clients if and/or when they eventually need to claim.

Why reduce your risk with MS Amlin Insurance?

The best measures for effective risk management only come to light with the right attitude. At MS Amlin Insurance, we prioritise staying close to you and your broker to deeply understand your risks and risk management needs.

Using the data gathered when assessing your risks, our risk engineers employ their industry-leading expertise and wealth of experience to craft a risk management strategy that is tailored to your organization’s specific risk profile.

We take a proactive approach with specialist expertise

When it comes to reducing risks, the first step is to understand what they are and their potential outcomes. MS Amlin have built a diverse risk appetite as part of the 400-year legacy of top 10 global insurer MS&AD, enabling us to assess and advise on a wide variety of specialised risks in our niche areas of property, crisis, casualty, and marine insurance.

We collaborate to deepen our understanding

A pillar of our business is our human approach. We stay close to the companies we work with and the people behind them to deeply understand their unique needs and recommend the best coverage and preventative action. We offer not only a service but a partnership because insurance, after all, is about people – the one’s whose projects, companies, assets, and safety we help protect.

We turn your risks into opportunities for growth

Even with effective risk engineering, not every risk can be eliminated – but that’s why we’re here. On the concrete foundation of our Japanese heritage, we work creatively to help you make incremental improvements to your risk profile. By providing the support you need when you need it, you can have the confidence to push your business further every day to gain a competitive edge as part of a long-term transformation.

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