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Protecting our customers from the most complex risks.

Our expertise lies in understanding and calculating risks, enabling businesses to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

We believe in empowering thriving businesses through personalised insurance solutions, recognising the vital role tailored protection plays in their growth.

What sets us apart is our deep underwriting knowledge and authentic support, allowing us to shield against risks others can’t reach.

Seeing opportunities where others see challenges is in our DNA.

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Our Vision

  • Tailored Business Insurance

    We offer customised insurance solutions to help businesses not only survive but thrive.

  • Expertise Beyond Limits

    MS Amlin’s underwriting expertise goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your business is protected from risks others can’t reach.

  • Human-Centered Partnerships

    We go beyond standard service, building collaborative partnerships with a personal touch to support the people behind your projects.

  • Action-Oriented Protection

    We prioritise taking concrete actions to safeguard your business and its assets, providing real protection that goes beyond empty promises.

  • Japanese Heritage, Future Solutions

    Rooted in Japanese heritage, we offer forward-thinking solutions tailored to your unique needs, empowering your business for the future.

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